Script Review: August 2, 2018

Audition: August 5, 2018

Arsenic and Old Lace

by Joseph Kesselring
Directed by Kate Tull
Produced by Sharifa Andrews
Stage Manager Stephen Elliot Moore


In this enduring comedy, a drama critic must deal with his eccentric family, including two sweet aunts who cheerfully poison elderly men with elderberry wine.

Meet the Director

Tull is a veteran Curtain Players director, having overseen productions of Rabbit Hole (2017), You Can't Take It With You (2016), Picnic (2014), and All My Sons (2013). She also serves on the community theatre's artistic advisory committee, the panel charged with coaching directors and maintaining the theatre's artistic vision. Tull holds a Bachelor of Arts in Directing from Marymount Manhattan College and a Master of Fine Arts in Dramaturgy from the University of Iowa.

Performance Dates

Oct. 19, 20, 26, 27, Nov. 2, Nov. & 3, 2018 at 8:00PM
Oct. 28 & Nov. 4, 2018 at 2:00PM

A Curtain Panels audience talkback follows the October 28 matinee.



Script Review, auditions and performances take place at:
Curtain Players Theatre
5691 Harlem Road, Galena, OH 43021

What to Expect at the Script Review

Curtain Players offers a script review session for each of its productions as a help for actors seeking roles, but attendance is not required to audition. The event is an opportunity for actors to become acquainted with the community theatre organization, to discuss the play with the director, and to ask questions about the audition process, rehearsal period, and production plans. Those interested in working behind the scenes are also invited to attend.

What to Expect at Auditions

Curtain Players conducts open auditions for its productions. Roles are not cast in advance. Casting decisions are made by the director and a casting committee comprised of a member of the theatre board, a general member of the organization, and individuals of the director's choosing.

Actors are encouraged to come to auditions familiar with the script and ready to read from the script. Every effort will be made to give all actors equal chance to read. Resumes are necessary, and headshots are helpful. Dialects are not necessary in the audition. There is a fair amount of physical comedy in Arsenic and Old Lace, so please come prepared to move.

Curtain Players conducts one evening of auditions for each production. The auditions are conducted on a Sunday evening, Sunday, August 5.

Auditions are conducted at the Curtain Players theatre, 5691 Harlem Road. Registration begins at 6:30 PM with actual auditions to begin promptly at 7 o'clock. Plan to be at the theatre until 9pm, but you will be released whenever you are done. A callback may be scheduled for a weeknight the week of August 6. If a callback is necessary, please note that it may not take place at the theatre. The stage manager will provide the location to actors called once/if it is scheduled.

Questions related to the audition process may be directed to


Rehearsals for each production begin offsite, usually Friendship Village of Columbus. Approximately one month before opening night, rehearsals move into the Harlem Road playhouse. Rehearsals will take place Tuesday through Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons starting Sunday, August 26. Additional rehearsals may be added on Monday nights or Saturday afternoons, so please include conflicts for ALL days, Sunday, August 26-Thursday, October 18, on your audition form. A complete rehearsal schedule will be available at the script review and the audition.

Character Descriptions

(12 actors: 3 women, 9 men)

  • Abby Brewster – (age 60s-70s) Martha's sister, Mortimer, Jonathan, and Teddy's Aunt. One of the sweetest ladies you've ever met.
  • Martha Brewster – (age 60s-70s) Abby's sister, Mortimer, Jonathan, and Teddy's Aunt. The other sweetest lady you've ever met!
  • Mortimer Brewster – (age 20s-40s) Abby and Martha's nephew, Teddy and Jonathan's brother. In a relationship with Elaine Harper. A dramatic critic. Smooth, sarcastic.
  • Teddy Brewster – (age 20s-40s) Mortimer and Jonathan's brother. Lives with his aunts. Genuinely believes he is Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Elaine Harper – (age 20s-30s) Mortimer's girlfriend. Attractive, quick-witted, flirtatious. A little smart for a reverend's daughter. Lives next door.
  • Jonathan Brewster – (age 30s-50s) Mortimer and Teddy's long-lost brother. A criminal. Sinister. Can scare the daylights out of you with a glance. Resembles Boris Karloff.
  • Dr. Einstein – (age 40s-60s) Jonathan's assistant. German dialect.

Ancillary Characters

  • Reverend Harper – (age 60s) Elaine's father. A pastor. Lives next door. *
  • Officer Brophy – (age 30s-60s) Irish dialect.
  • Officer Klein – (age 20s-40s)
  • Officer O'Hara – (age 20s-40s) New York dialect. Eager, naïve, an amateur playwright.
  • Mr. Gibbs – (age 60s-70s) A grumpy old man. *
  • Mr. Witherspoon – (age 60s-70s) An elderly, tight-lipped disciplinarian. Runs Happy Dale Sanitarium. *
  • Lieutenant Rooney – (age 50s-60s) Toughest of the officers. A fussbudget. *

* We would like to double Mr. Gibbs/Mr. Witherspoon, and Reverend Harper/Lieutenant Rooney.