Curtain Scores Lucky 13 for Work Day

Posted: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 11:31am

It was a lucky 13 for Curtain Players!

Thirteen Curtain Players joined Technical Director Booth Muller for the community theatre's annual summer work day Saturday July 8 at the Harlem Road playhouse.

The crew gathered at 9 AM and labored throughout the day, stopping only for a complimentary pizza lunch. The volunteers even soldiered on with their respective assignments despite a three-hour power outage on the property.

Neil Aring, Izzy Brinker, Sean Brinker, Wendy Brinker, Jeff Cramlet, Brian Henry, John Maassel, Ben Merkey, Sarah Merkey, Debb Miller, Stephen Moore, Charles Osborne, and Alice Young each logged several hours on site.

Muller listed the following main tasks accomplished during the day, designed to ready the playhouse for the 2017-18 season, the theatre's 55th:

  • Cleaned out and straightened storage shed and tech booth (Both were big jobs, Muller said, as volunteers completely filled the Dumpster, and stacked a bunch of stuff beside it to refill it next week after the haulers emptied it.)
  • Cleared off the stage mostly cleared off
  • Installed new wiring for sound speakers
  • Caulked and painted in the small bathroom, specifically two walls and ceiling because the other two walls are papered