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By Curtain Players
Posted: March 19, 2017
Curtain Players playhouse exterior

Got Rehearsal? Everything & the Kitchen Sink

By Laura Dachenbach

A little bit of IKEA has come to Rabbit Hole at Curtain Players.

A fully stocked kitchen sits stage left, and you might be wondering, "How did that get in here?" After a series of intense auditions, these appliances are delighted to be making their stage debuts.

The refrigerator was dragged kicking and screaming to auditions, but once he arrived, he realized the lack of competition stood in his favor. Although he doesn't anticipate too many future roles, as transportation is an issue, he nonetheless thanks Mark Miller and Kate Charlesworth-Miller for their support over the years.

The double oven is using the Curtain stage to recuperate, having become acutely ill while at Booth and Cheryl Muller's house. "I like it because I don't have to think too much, and I can pretend to be someone else."

The microwave caught the theater bug after Stephen Moore and Kirsten Peninger sat down and told her she needed to find a new hobby, maybe one that forced her to develop some extroversion rather than just passively radiate food. "I have to say, I've really come out of my shell and it's been the most exciting moment of my life."

The sink comes to us after a short gig at Habitat for Humanity. "It's not a flashy role or anything. Depending on where you're sitting, it might be hard to see me. But I really believe there are no small roles."

All appliances are non Equity performers, and not paid in any way.